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Homeless man returns engagement ring, gets $152,000 in donations

A homeless man in Kansas City found an engagement ring in his change cup. Sarah Darling had accidentally put it in his cup the day before. She went back to him the next day, and he returned it to her.

When people heard this story, they started to donate money to him. The total amount is now approximately $152,000.

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  • Excellent man ….Specially In present Era…P

  • A small restoration of my faith in humanity.

  • Honesty has it's rewards.

  • A person's worth is measured by their integrity. This man is well worth the donations.

  • That's going to buy a lot of lotto tickets.

  • Only in America.

  • O Really…?
    +Rick Hundley

  • Amazing story indeed. But… How does one "accidentally" put engagement ring in a change cup?

  • The power of goodness rewarded with pocket change.

  • Achei lindo, a atitude desse homem…

  • I love this story! There is good in people…

  • I must really be in a pessimistic mood today. The first thing the popped into my mind was "It sure is great that we can read feel-good stories like this without having to actually do anything about homelessness in this country."

  • good man….big heart..

  • Amazing

  • It is a great story. I think the woman who dropped her ring may need to get it sized. . . and fast!

  • Cha-Ching for a ring!  Good trade off.

  • Que buena foto

  • God is good

  • So much more integrity than any of the bankster CEOs and politicians.

  • They still make 'em like they used to: honest people

  • That had to be the most awkward conversation.

    "Heeeey remember me? Umm I may or may not have given you my ring so if I could just get that from you that would be great. Nice beanie by the way."

  • They kill him.

  • Gowra S

    Honesty at its best good luck gentleman may god bless you forever

  • Talk about serendipity 🙂

  • +Marcos Lin It was a cold day and it slipped off her finger when she put money in his container.

  • ray

    Honesty has its rewards! !!!