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Hotel swaps Bible for 50 Shades of Grey


You can bet the Gideons are planning a stern visit to the Damson Dene Hotel, where the ultimate blasphemy has occurred.

After hearing guests talk non-stop about the erotic novels, hotel manager Wayne Bartholomew decided to save them the embarrassment of making a trip to the bookstore and swapped out the Bibles with 50 Shades of Grey.

“I thought it would be a special treat for our guests to find it in their bedside cabinet and that includes the men too,” he said. “They are as desperate to get their hands on a copy as the women.”

He added: “The Gideon Bible is full of references to sex and violence, although it’s written using more formal language, so James’s book is easier to read.

Guests can still request a Bible at the front desk…if they’re not too embarrassed to ask, that is.

Full story at The Westmorland Gazette via Neatorama.

Making travel a treat.

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    If I could have a Dollar Since Editors Became DUMB, i’d be a Billionaire !! Now assuming that they are talking about a color. Also assuming that this story is edited by a Real American. The Proper way to spell ‘grey’ is GRAY you deluded wretch.