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How brands change self-perception

University of Minnesota researchers demonstrate that using a brand changes one's self-perception. Roger Dooley explains how in his Neuromarketing blog.


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  • Great commercial

  • My favorite commercial so far!

  • The black at the end really makes it work and not descend to Disney style wishful thinking.

  • Thank you for the neuroscience marketing link. Exactly my type of site. Now I'm off to circle +Roger Dooley.

  • That was a great concept

  • Guy, interestingly enough, I just met with another entrepreneur a week back (she was employee #10 at Google) — starting a neuromarketing company focused around women — Fem, Inc. Might strike your interest..

  • The U of M really does great research. I hope this knowledge can help brands and the brand of the U of M.

  • So, the point of the Audi commercial is if you have your daddy's car you can do whatever you want?

  • Yes!! LOL

  • The point of the commercial is that driving an Audi takes you away from your every day life and makes you into somebody that's special. Who doesn't want to feel like the boss?

  • Nice!

  • Still not buying an Audi.

  • ggthfg

  • coll

  • ghxst

  • That might be true for those who have been brain washed by our current educational system. I remember being told Edison invented electricity and the light bulb. When I brought up Tesla the teacher had a fit.

  • I'll take the objective valuation of quality over brand, every time.
    It's astonishing how much crap stuff out there is considered "the best" based on marketing, alone.

  • Nic uor photo

  • Neuromarketing scares me a bit. I suspect that some of it is still woo, but will we be able to resist things in future?