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How can low-income students attend Ivy League colleges for free?


A four-year degree at an Ivy League school runs a couple hundred grand, give or take. Fortunately, the Ivies have some great financial aid programs for low-income students — you might even be surprised by what “low-income” means these days.

The lowest-income students are the least able to shoulder an Ivy League tuition — a family making $30,000 a year can’t spend $50,000 a year for college. But the Ivies have some pretty amazing financial aid programs. In some cases, Harvard or Columbia or Yale can end up costing less than a state school.

In this article, we’ll find out how low-income students can earn an Ivy League degree with no financial contribution. We’ll check out the details of a few representative aid programs, see who qualifies for a free ride, and look at financial-aid deadlines and procedures for those interested in applying. First up, what makes a family considered to be these days?

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