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How do you outdo the Cherpumple?


Some of us make do with store-bought pies of pumpkin, apple and maybe cherry to top off Thanksgiving dinner and kick off the holiday season. Others aim to outdo themselves each year with homemade confections for the annual dessert table, although few likely go as far as author and humorist Charles Phoenix did three Thanksgivings ago.

His creation, the Cherpumple, combines three cakes and three pies, giving family members an easier way to sample all the holiday desserts, Phoenix told The Wall Street Journal in 2010. Few if any desserts can beat the Cherpumple when it comes to sheer mass, but that doesn’t mean dessert enthusiasts aren’t continuing to innovate. From Betty Crocker to Baskin-Robbins to high-end bakeries, Thanksgiving ushers in an annual push to put new sweet treats on the front burner.

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