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How Google+ works as the Google social layer

+martin shervington explains the integration of Google+ into the rest of Google.


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  • +martin shervington is fabulous. Thanks, Guy!
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    `.¸.´ Happy
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*Tuesday!
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  • Many thanks +Guy Kawasaki! 😀

  • +Guy Kawasaki reading your book about G+. Thanks! for post!.

  • That +martin shervington.. always being so helpful!

  • Thanks +Jake Croston! Catch up soon, sir.

  • really had no idea how integrated it all is, very nice thanks

  • Massive. Looks like this really has been thought about very clearly indeed – I can see the integration being very useful indeed. It is now just a matter of time before more and more people shift over to + given the weak monetisation attempts over at FB.

  • This is very informative!!  Thanks for this!!

  • Great education and content in this video +martin shervington …thank you for producing and sharing it!!
    phew…good thing I can hit 'replay' to absorb it all 🙂

  • Very well done and explained…my only problem is Android…I returned to #blackberry  as there are still far too many security gaps with Android apps and too much work needed to try and secure email..this is unfortunate. Otherwise I am a big fan of all things Google…

  • +Giles Crouch Security gaps with Android apps and email? Do share.

  • +Adrian Scoffham The question is how to shift FB crowd to G+ ? FB is so much dominating in many ways. I personally feel that the Viral element in FB is very strong. Where G + I find weak.

  • Its a good question +Chintamani Vartak and +Adrian Scoffham most people have their address books all sorted with Facebook…it's about bringing over the legacy conversations and content; people will go where their network is…

  • Do we really want to switch the majority of people from Facebook to g+ they are really different networks for different people's…… The majority of Facebook people I know just use Facebook to text and chit chat with their close buddies….. I see g+ as being more than that… We would end up getting filled with bs all day long imho

  • Good point +Andy Duchesne

  • +Chintamani Vartak & +Giles Crouch I'm not talking about something that's going to happen next week – it is likely to be a very slow process however to my eyes it seems that Facebook is doing everything they can to speed the process up particularly by turning down the volume of normal users and turning up the volume of corporate sponsors – here's another clue… http://www.digiday.com/publishers/publishers-cool-on-facebook/

  • Great share +Guy Kawasaki …!

    +martin shervington continues to have his finger on the pulse!!!

  • […] on the planet. They have done it in a way that is totally different from Facebook and Twitter. Google + is the social layer that connects all their other products […]