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How lighting affect your mood [infographic]

The first thing that struck me about my daughter’s kindergarten classroom was not the brightly colored posters or bean bags strewn about the room, but the lighting; the florescent lights had been turned off, and in their place were lamps and hanging lanterns that immediately made the area cozy and inviting. After spending however many years in education, I’d finally found the room I would have wanted to learn.

How lighting affects your mood isn’t a figment of your imagination or a consideration to be tossed aside lightly. Research shows light has dramatic effects on our body throughout the day and what we can do if bad light is getting us down.


Via Lyco.

Illumination through infographics.

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  • This is so true and I’m one of the person who can’t handle too much light. I hate when I wake up late in the morning and the sun is in my eyes because my window is pointing to my bed. I hate that. By the way nice article!