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How no-flush toilets can change the world

The solution, many experts say, is not to invest in western-style flush toilets and centralized sewage systems but rather to develop toilets and decentralized waste-treatment technologies that use far less water.


Photo credit: Eram Scientific Solutions

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  • I was using no flush toilets before no flush toilets were cool.  Back in rural Missouri, we called them, "outhouses".

  • I have composting toilets at my place in France but these look like technology may have an even better eco system

  • Bill Gates would be interested.

  • That's cool, but IO like to wash myself after I do my business . Those with a sink & water would be great for public use also or a Bidet would be better like Kana said 😉 ♥

  • its very cool

  • Also in Duban: "Africa’s busiest port city started installing UD toilets in 2003. Some 70,000 are now in use in all its outlying areas. One of the largest dry toilet schemes in the world, eThekwini municipality’s effort is seen as offering a potentially replicable and sustainable sanitation model for municipalities elsewhere in Africa." For more: http://goo.gl/pYsXU

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  • Awesome this and implementing a plant based diet can have a big effect on the environmental health.

  • I have seen waterless toilets installed in various places, but all have been removed within a year.  As long as they are wiped down regularly there is no smell.  Is the problem just the resistance or misuse by janitorial staff?  It does seem that most of these toilets use proprietary sealing oils in their traps and this could be a serious impediment to adoption in developing areas.

  • Yuck

  • This is common sense, we need more of it.
    People in some parts of the world still need to be convinced that toilets are necessary

    Cheryl Colopy researched and wrote her book, Dirty, Sacred Rivers: Confronting South Asia’s Water Crisis, during seven years of travel and residence in South Asia. With the help of a Fulbright fellowship she undertook her exploration of the Ganges River Basin. She is an award-winning reporter, formerly with National Public Radio affiliate KQED in San Francisco.

  • Would it help or will it make it a smelly world?

  • I think this is interesting and I like how these new toilets will not just help prevent water born diseases but will use less water.Water conservation is becoming a major issue.

  • Good idea , Guy 😉

  • The article discusses places in the developing world where ppl still defecate in the open. So I'd wager it would make less of a smelly world, Kelly O'Dell

  • I think it needs flush. Else your bathroom will smell

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  • Dumbness does not equate to meekness.

  • If a shovel in the woods and emergency leaves are at hand are ok then this is great

  • excellent news !!

  • Microwave solid Waste

  • why not just stop eating? ^^

  • It would probably be more useful to the world if +Bill Gates invested the $40 million in prize money that he has offered for reinventing perfectly functional existing technology in distributing that technology to those parts of the world where it is most needed. That said; good on +Bill Gates for putting up the money.

  • Great article.

  • In the end, I think decentralized solutions to almost everything may save us. Especially if they can get that whole free energy thing worked out and in our grubby little hands!

  • Its called a hole?

  • I've used no-flush toilets more often than first my mother and sister and then my girlfriend and wife agreed with…

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  • Latrines are still found in the rural areas where I'm from.

  • I bet they're bigger on the inside.

  • very important, a nice paradigm shift…

  • So can crapping on the sidewalk

  • I diffinetly want one! Business plan is in order, for a cultural resort.

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  • All for it, as long as it doesn't stink.

  • Why aren't we converting the waste into biofuel.

  • New toilet!!!?

  • Shrew!

  • +Aaron Carey, that's not what they're saying you know. It's still be tested, so it will be more advanced than what you're thinking. Please don't be so quick to dismiss ideas without looking at them thoroughly.

  • +Guy Kawasaki No video?

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  • +Hamoody Moslimani I understand that there are many regions on Earth where this would be a big improvement over existing methods.  I was just making the point that it would never fly in countries used to the old "wasteful" way of doing things.

  • Thank you for clarifying, but the way I think they intend it is not to just produce and throw it in a bucket and also go without toilet paper, it's more that they want to get rid of it by using less water and just relocate where the waste is going if not just try to use it as compost.

  • Glorified outhouses…

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  • We use them in rural PNG everyday.

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  • This seems to be in South India !

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  • Most McDonald's in France have flushless urinals. +Guy Kawasaki are you going to convince your new employer to adopt these/similar in their offices?

  • guy this place in town,,,,,,,

  • Tested similar several times. No bad smells – advantage also is no pools of yucky water on the floor like you can often find in "normal " public toilets.

  • I like the idea!

  • Good idea!

  • Good idea!

  • Absolutely! There are composting toilets that are just as easy to use as regular flush toilets. That, combined with on-site grey water reuse and reclamation could go a long way to improving health, reducing fresh water consumption, and mitigating the infrastructure crisis many places are experiencing.