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How robotic technology is helping students [infographic]

Education technology is a crucial element of the modern classroom, with interactive technologies such as blogs, wikis, mobile devices, whiteboards and more gaining prominence. It’s not surprising that robots might not be far behind. A new project at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology is using $100 million in grants and over 300 researchers to build and deploy an army of robots to deliver English instruction to South Korean school children.

Via Online Schools.

The future of education.

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    Once kids get past the initial learning stage it becomes very obvious how technology can help them grasp new concepts especially when used with visual references. Like pictures or videos on screen. What does concern me is the potential to curb interaction with people. I don’t like the idea of small kids having a screen in front of them at their desk and communicating mostly with machines instead of learning how to communicate with their teacher or other students. <a href="كازينوأونلاين.com">كازينو</a>