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How send mail by pigeon. It really works!

Tired of the lack of personal contact that email and social-media cause. Now you can mail a real letter–and by pigeon. Read more below.


Hat tip to Ohgizmo

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  • My son has sent me coconuts from Hawaii. Just a coconut with a bunch of stamps on it, and it arrived uncracked!

  • With the latest announcement by the USPS this wouldn't be delivered on a Saturday. #smh

  • The original system of mailing by Carrier Pigeon delivered mail on the weekends too! Who could ever resist opening this letter — would be a great Direct Mail tactic. Thanks! 🙂

  • Quite interesting

  • That's one way you're guaranteed the mail would be delivered.

  • +Lloyd Lemons ha i would have loved to seen the look on your maillady(man)'s face when they had to deliver a coconut

  • +Joy Menay  Yeah, they're not happy campers to begin with. They delivered a coconut twice, and neither one would fit in the box, which means they had to drive around and drop them off at my door.

  • Thanks for sharing this …

  • Snail mail via carrier pigeon may indeed be both slow and expensive. However, your recipient will likely not forget your message.

  • First class mail wouldn't be delivered on Saturday. I have a feeling the this qualified as a priority mail parcel

  • USPS will accept all sorts of things as long as it has proper postage. Can't recall where I read an experiment where some people tried to post all sorts things, including a $5(?) bill. Spoiler: it arrived.

    Only thing the USPS wouldn't take was a helium balloon (authors tried to claim it should ship free/or better yet, a negative amount as it was lighter than air.)

    I think the take-home message was 'Don't even think about doing this via the humourless people over at FedEx')

  • Just no more saturday deliveries even a pigeon. 😉

  • No you mean Send Pigeon by Mail ….