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How teachers are using Twitter in the classroom


Teachers are rapidly finding that Twitter can be a great tool for teaching language in the classroom because the application naturally encourages users to develop reading and summarization skills—after all, a 140 character limit demands concise writing.

Twitter can also be used for other subjects too, like math, marketing, and geography. Using Twitter apps like HootSuite and Klout, student tweeters can perform countless calculations to isolate and analyze how memes spread, where they spread to, who the major influencers are on Twitter, when are the most popular times to tweet, how changing one word can totally change its stickiness, and lots more.

Read on to learn more about how Twitter can be a valuable teaching asset in the classroom.

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  • Drew

    I’m with "scheen" who commented on improving reading and summarization skills. My girlfriend is a teacher and she is already having to cross "words" out in 8th grader’s written essays that are using "lol" "I c u" and all of the other abbreviations. If we continue to encourage this behaviour, our future will soon no longer know how to spell anything.

    But one thing I can agree with is learning how to write concise, complete sentences that are sticky.