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How the patent war is stifling innovation in Silicon Valley [infographic]

Via MBA Online. (H/T @gvoakes)

Go forth and innovate.

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  • WaltFrench

    @NeilHaskins, I’m neither a patent lawyer nor an expert on communications protocols, so I have no reason to dispute your assertions.

    I just think it’s a waste of time to chase down this stuff and post it at HolyKaw. If the information is unique, MMI’s lawyers would be happy to have it. Very likely, of course, they already do, and it may or may not make their case stronger.

    In that same vein, I wonder: if this particular patent is so egregious, whoever is attacked with it (here, MMI) ought to be able to use such seemingly obvious examples, and just send the attacker (here, IV) packing. The court would also ask IV to pay costs, even, for wasting everybody’s time.

    Yet somehow people are really worried about the miscarriage of justice because the PTO can’t re-examine the patents (they do), and courts can’t understand the issues (despite the fact that they’re presented with them, A LOT).

    So why do knowledgeable tech experts waste their time worrying about lawyers wasting their time?