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How to be instantly glam on Instagram


“The whole point of Instagram is photos. You can write descriptions and use hashtags to support your photos, but your photo is the real purpose. Therefore, it’s important to create great photos in your stream. The great thing about Instagram, is that it gives you most of the tools you need to create stunning images every single time!

For you beginners, I will quickly explain what each of these tools are across the top.

  • The < arrow takes you back out of Instagram and returns you to your original photo
  • The square is your picture frame button. When it’s a simple square, your picture frame is off, when it’s a decorative square, the picture frame is on. Simply touching this icon toggles the feature on and off.
  • The teardrop is the blur function. I believe this is called the tilt-shift function but essentially it alters your depth of field. Clicking on this opens up a little pull down menu with a round icon, a line icon, and an X icon. I will get into the specifics of this function later in the post.

From Lifehack ” The two most important Instagram tools she suggests mastering are contrast and blur/depth of field, which allow you to make the colors in your images really pop and allow you to selectively focus on one area in your image. She then goes on to suggest some of the best filters for enhanced colors, illuminated centers with dark edges, vintage image styles, improved skin tone and adding new tones to the image. ”

This is a very comprehensive post with lots of great tips on how to edit and use filters in Instagram. Start snapping!

Full article on Jenn’s Trends found on LifeHack

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