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How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Weapon

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This is the set of links that I used to demo Twitter. I go down through this list to show why Twitter is such a valuable marketing tool.







How I Tweet

Case Study: Fandango


Best Practices

  • Always be linking—“inform.”
  • Always be responding.
  • Always get retweeted.

More on Twitter.

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  • Patrick J. Fee

    This is an incredible breakdown of why, how and what tools to use when tweeting. This is something I can share with upper management as I try to get them to stick their toe in the twitterstream.

    I would add Social Oomph (https://www.socialoomph.com/ ; it was formally tweetlater.com) to your tool set. It is wonderful for tweet scheduling, vetting followers, tying blog or site-timed articles to appropriate tweets, and other automated twitter activities. It has made my twitter activities easier….

    Good luck with your tweets in twenty-ten.


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