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How to engage the 7 types of social media users


Not all of your brand’s fans have 700 followers or spend their days making insightful comments or tweeting like mad, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth engaging.

SocialFish delved deeper into this infographic by ReachLocal to explain how every kind of social media user can be engaged if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Just think; you wouldn’t give the same pitch to every client, so why not throw a little variety into your social media marketing as well?

The Quiet Follower —

This is the type of user who has liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter, but they rarely engage with you.

To engage with them, you need better calls to actions. This could be through polls, images or anything that encourages them to “like” or retweet you. If you can get them to begin engaging with your brand more, your content will be more visible in their newsfeeds.  Depending on your industry niche, appealing to the public with fun content can be difficult, but can still be done.  One brand that has done this impressively in a “duller” industry is Maxwell Systems.  They post a ton of content on their social networks from trivia to humorous images, but still keep it industry tailored to their niche, construction…

The Deal Seeker —

A lot of social media users fall into this category. These fans want you to provide them with exclusive access to coupons, deals and events. If you offer special weekly promotions or contests, you’ll get fan appreciation, more shares and new business in the long run…

Full story at SocialFish.

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