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How to film Killer Bees

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Only an expert should ever take on anything as dangerous as Steve and his team do. And when approaching a family of the most highly socially organised creatures on the planet, we hope the Deadly 60 team are as friendly as their hosts!


How to film a Killer Bee nest 100ft up a cliff

By Steve Backshall

These are not your usual honey bees. They might look alike but these bees are a hybrid of the African honey bee and European bees. The result is an “Africanised” far more aggressive bee. Their aggressively protective behavior has been termed by scientists as hyper-defensive and earned them the nickname “killer bees”. The sting of the Africanized Honey Bee is no more potent than a regular honey bee but the Africanized bees are more dangerous because they are more easily provoked, quick to swarm, attack and sting in much greater numbers, and pursue their victims for greater distances. An Africanized bee colony can remain agitated longer and may attack up to a quarter of a mile away from the hive.

Being stung by an angry swarm of killer bees could be fatal. Hanging off a rope in front of 1000s of them seems like suicide.

See the video of how Steve here on the BBC Earth blog.

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  • George

    I would never want to come even close to killer bees. Just doesn’t sound like fun.