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How to fly like a billionaire on Boeing & Airbus

Private jets are sooooo yesterday’s news if you can’t accommodate a small company (or large family) in style, and Boeing and Airbus are seeing quite the rush to get on board the big jet billionaire craze.

According to Alexander George at Wired, the going price isn’t exactly a bargain for these luxury planes:

The manufacturers don’t exactly publish price lists, but we’ve seen figures between $80 million for a Boeing 737, $280 million for a Boeing 747-8, and up to $300 million for an A380.

We’re thinking they also don’t often get stuck in those long lines of jets waiting to take off from the busier airports around the world or at least have the option of getting up and going to the bathroom if they do.

BBJ Interior


Full story at Wired.

Traveling in high style.

Photo credits: Boeing & Airbus, Graphics credit: Canva

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