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How to get (and stay) motivated


You know that limbo stage between laying on the couch and finally dragging yourself off of it? If that stage lasts longer that you want, then check out these five ways to get motivated and stay motivated. Here are a few samples:

Take responsibility for your own results.

Most people misinterpret this concept.  They think it means taking the credit when things go well and taking the blame when things go wrong. But taking responsibility is not about blame or credit; it’s about what you do next.

If you’re responsible for your own results, you take ownership of whatever future that emerges from those results. You continue to move forward towards your goals, even when you encounter setbacks.

Don’t wait for perfection, just do it now!

Perfectionists are the hugest losers in life because they either expect things to be perfect before they take action or, if they do take action, they can’t enjoy whatever happens because it’s not the perfect outcome.

The real joy of achievement doesn’t come from what you achieve but from your efforts in trying to achieve it. The only thing that’s perfect in this world is that you’re perfectly free to take action.  Now, as in right now.

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