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How to get out-of-this-world legs without even trying


Achieving a great pair of legs is no easy task, what with the humiliating step aerobics classes, terrifying Pilates machines and having your very sore behind handed to you by the most buff octogenarian you’ve ever seen, but now, thanks to ThinkGeek, out-of-this-world gams can be yours with just a click of the button.

… We told our factory that we wanted our own custom ThinkGeek leggings with space printed on them. They sent us a sample that had beautiful constellations on the front. Only it had two large moons printed where you would expect the verb “moon” to happen. No joke. Needless to say, we opted not to go with those.

This set of tights features an all-over print of a false-color image of space. (Read about how NASA colorizes the black and white images it gets back from its space-faring telescopes…The location of the print will vary depending on what piece of fabric your tights were cut from, but we promise there will be no moons on the butt.

With that kind of assurance, who can resist?

Full story at ThinkGeek.

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