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How to get the freshest loaf of bread


The average carb-loving American gobbles up 53 pounds of bread per year, and undoubtedly a few of those slices sat on a shelf too long and lost its fluffy, fresh taste. Stale bread can put a damper on lunch, but you can avoid it all together with a little grocery tidbit.

The folks over at WiseBread have shared the visual code grocers use to distinguish the freshest loaf. So where is this magical bread secret? Look at the twist tie at the top of the bag. Don’t worry; you don’t have to decode any complicated puzzle. The formula is simple: each colored twisty tie indicates when the bread was baked. If you have a freakout in the bread aisle and can’t remember each day, note that the colors go in alphabetical order.

Full story at WiseBread.

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