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How to get the glamorous hairstyle of a Vestal Virgin [video]


Not everyone is feverishly planning a Valentine’s Day extravaganza for a romantic partner, and if you’re one of those called to a higher purpose, perhaps you’d like to take a stab at emulating the honored women of Ancient Rome, the Vestal Virgins.

Professional hairstylist and amateur historian, Janet Stephens, decided to take a stab at unraveling the mystery of the Vestal Virgins’ braids, and in this seventeen-minute video, describes how the complicated look can be accomplished with nothing more than a head of long hair, water, a few sticks and a comb.

If you don’t have to waste all that time shaving your legs, why not give it a go?

Full story at Wall Street Journal via Kottke.

The glam side of archaeology.

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  • A little movie about the vestal virgin : “vestale sous contraintes, exercice ludique en courrier 10” :