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How to get your local government to listen to you

As more of our media goes online, the updates we used to get about our local government goings-on have plummeted with the circulation numbers of newspapers. Be the issue one of zoning, questionable actions of the local school board, or getting that pothole the size of a Prius fixed in front of your house, knowing what to do and who to talk to at City Hall is key.

Enter Lifehacker’s Alan Henry with this helpful guide for taxpayers to get their voice heard somewhere other than the ballot box. (And if you don’t believe citizens can make a difference, I’ve got ten stop signs clogging up local traffic thanks to one very outspoken Granny to change your mind.)

Do Your Homework

– Make sure you’re actually dealing with the right office or appropriate official for the issue you want addressed…

– Make sure you’re dealing with the appropriate level of government…

– Document your issue impeccably…

Be Professional and Understanding

The fastest way to find yourself at the back of a bureaucratic maze is to go in guns blazing, ranting about the inefficiencies of a government office, or making a show of your political opinions. You’ll get polite, curt responses, and your issue will never get resolved…

Full story at Lifehacker.

How to have a hand in governing.

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