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How to hack a salad bar


If you happen to be in China wondering why none of the Pizza Huts have salad bars, blame Shen Hongrui, engineer of the 3-foot-salad among other things.

First, he tells diners to build a solid base, ideally with chickpeas and potatoes. ‘The foundations are very important, so choose dry and strong material,’ he says.

Next, would-be gluttons must create a layer of carrot sticks radiating from the centre to act as a scaffold.

Then they should use slices of cucumber or blocks of fruit as bricks to build the tower’s ‘walls’.

Last, but certainly not least, is filling the center with something yummy like bacon bits, but that might call a bit too much attention to your cheapskate antics when the bin needs an immediate refill.

Hey, times are tight and shouldn’t we be encouraging the consumption of more vegetables? Just sayin’…

Full story at Daily Mail via Foodbeast.

More food for less.

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