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How to have a great day


Having a great day is the kind of experience most of us relegate to Lady Luck to take care of no matter how many times in the past she’s let us down, but Noah Kagan at OkDork has a great idea for taking the weight off her shoulders and putting tomorrow in your own, perfectly capable hands: Make a list of what a great day really looks like.

After all, it would be a crying shame to have a great day pass by without noticing it, so here’s a part of the list he made to determine just how such a fortuitous day would appear. Why not give it a try tomorrow?

– Have a good night’s rest (7+ hours)

– Honest and insightful breakfast with a friend. Delicious coffee and a conversation that left me feeling more energized after it was over.

– Set out a productive todo list and accomplished all my items.

– Allowed / enabled myself to work on things that are fun for me.

Full story at OK Dork.

Have a happy day.

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