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How to heal a broken political heart


With tomorrow’s election looming, tensions are running red-hot and tempers flaring as political ads run nonstop in swing states and the storm on social media breaks, but even when the sun does come up on the morning of November 7th, it won’t be a sunny day for the half of the country who voted for the other guy.

Following Taiwan’s 2004 election, psychiatrists coined the phrase “post-election stress syndrome” to reflect the high rate of anxiety and stress in the population, and such a situation could very well be the case in the States, so Dr. Asim Shah of Harris Health Systems has some advice for anyone having a particularly hard time after the election.

“You don’t see a lot of people who are able to accept a decision so quickly that goes against them,” Shah says. “And just telling people on the losing side, ‘Oh don’t worry, everything will be OK,’ doesn’t help. It just might make things worse.”

Recommendations for dealing with election blues:

• Turn off all TV, radio and Internet coverage (if necessary, listen only to non-partisan coverage)

• Avoid conflict by not bringing up the topic

• Change topic when it comes up

• Realize that things aren’t changing in the short-term no matter who wins

• Concentrate on day-to-day activities that are part of life

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Take two aspirin and call us in 4 years.

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