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How to help your young, perfectionist athlete


If your child isn’t happy with anything less than a home run every time they come to bat, you might have a perfectionist athlete.

When tears result from a tumble on the soccer field, and there aren’t any apparent injuries, you might have a perfectionist athlete.

When second place equals failure — you guessed it — you might have a perfectionist athlete on your hands.

Youth sports are supposed to be about learning to play the game and having fun, and perfectionists are great at perseverance, a necessary quality when one is trying to excel at a sport, but if perfectionism is ruining your child’s good time, Janis B. Meredith at JBMThinks has five suggestions for turning things around.

– Give them permission to be average for a day. Make it fun. Tell them they can leave their bed unmade and not pick up every single chore. Just one day, mind you…wouldn’t want it to become a habit!

– In the competitive environment of sports, perfectionism thrives, so look for activities outside of sports where you child is not graded or judged and where the process is praised more than the product.

Full story at JBMThinks.

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