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How to hide your Spotify playlist from Facebook friends


Have you recently been inundated with messages about what your grade school best friend is listening to on Spotify, only to realize with horror that your Barry Manilow listening fest was broadcast far and wide over social media?

Save yourself some embarrassment by following this simple guide provided by Nicole Nguyen at GeekSugar to keep your tunes to yourself, and feel free to forward this to as many friends as possible.

Where Spotify Lives on Facebook

Hit the inconspicuous upper-right arrow on your Facebook page > Account Settings > select Apps on the left > and find your Spotify mission control. Click on “edit” to the right to access all of Spotify’s Facebook preferences. This is where you determine how Facebook interacts with Spotify, if at all.

The Money Setting

This setting is the game changer. As seen here, Spotify “can also: post on your behalf.” Privatize those posts by changing the “Posts on your behalf” option from Public to “Only Me” or a custom group of friends, like ones in set Facebook Lists.

Full story at GeekSugar.

Keeping your music to yourself.

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