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How to identify influential bloggers

If you’ve been under a rock for the past few weeks, you might not know that my new book is launching on March 8th. In order to seed the book with bloggers I used a tool called eCairn Conversation to help me find the key bloggers in social media.

eCairn performs a two-step process to rank influencers: 1) It crawls the web and collects the people who are relevant for this vertical (community), looking at what people are writing about and who they are connected to. 2) Then it computes the influence of each person using the number of inbound links he/she gets from the other people of the community and the influence of the people linking to him/her.

This video demonstrates how it works. When I first heard about eCairn, I thought I had a pretty good database of social-media influentials. However, I compared my list to eCairn’s top 1,000 in social media and found that I had approximately 30% of what it did. After this, I used eCairn’s results to seed social-media bloggers with Enchantment.

If you’d like to give eCairn a try, click here. It will help you reach the key bloggers in market niches.

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  • ArthurAnswers

    @Chaudalyn: The link provides you a free trial of the application. You can also sit in on a webinar where we demonstrate all of the features for you. You can register for the demo on the website.