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How to lead a revolution


Revolution is in the air, as the Occupy movement spreads around the globe. If you’d like to jump aboard that bandwagon, Thought Leader LLC gives you four steps to leading a revolution. First:

Identify a Pile of Crap

To start a successful revolution, you first have to find a big pile of crap. It has to be something that’s not working in the system. From income inequality to tyrrany and unequal treatment to stupidity there are plenty of piles of crap to choose from.

Pick the one that upsets you the most. The more unfair or inefficient the crap centers around, the better. Be able to name it (“I’m really mad about how much time and effort we waste talking about building startups in Columbus but never really making big things happen.” or “I don’t appreciate Group A having one set of rules while Group B has to abide by another.”). You have to explain what’s wrong in the first place in order to build a revolution around it.

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Rules for revolutionaries.

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