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How to pitch like Don Draper


One of the best parts of Mad Men is watching Don Draper pitch an idea—the man is genius. Open Forum identifies just what makes Don’s pitches so good and thus allows you to incorporate those aspects into your own pitch. Here’s one example:

Identify the conceptual target

The conceptual target is the crystallization of a community of individuals who share common human truths. It allows you to hone in on and speak to exactly what your audience cares about. In pitching to the highly analytical, high-tech company Ericsson, Allen uncovered the company’s strong need to be appreciated for making a difference in the lives of people around the world and created “Everyday Miracles,” as the campaign came to be called. By strategically drawing out in discussion what your subject is really about, the conceptual focus of an effective pitch becomes clear.

Full story at Open Forum.

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