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How to quench your social media thirst in sixty minutes a day [infographic]


Social Media Marketing
Courtesy of: Dendrite Park

“Social media cocktail is our own recipe for managing a social media presence in the most efficient manner. If you are not doing social media for a job there is very little reason to be spending more than 60 minutes on it daily. Social media is very important and obviously shouldn’t be ignored but if you’re running a small business, you already have lots on your plate. There is no reason to freak out. All it takes is a bit of technology and some common sense.

Ingredients of a social media cocktail

Let’s start with one of our favorite tools: Buffer. Buffer lets you add content easily while you browse, integrates with a lot of appsand lets you share to your social networks at times pre-set by you. That way you won’t flood your fans, friends or followers with updates but instead spread them over a longer period of time.

Before you start sharing and getting engaged try to remember it is not about you. Provide the value and share content that is relevant and timely. It is OK to mention your own business but the context has to be right.”

What’s your perfect social media cocktail mix? How do you keep mixing it up?

Hat tip to Denis Labelle on Google+ for the heads up on this fun piece.

Full article on Dendrite Park

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