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How to rebrand the Republican Party

A very interesting post about the steps necessary for the rebranding of the Republican Party. There are many lessons here that apply to rebranding any organization.


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  • I can't think of any other organization that needs rebranding as badly as the GOP. Personally I love reading articles that dive into branding like this.

  • They have a brand problem because they have a philosophical problem that mixes with moral bankruptcy. The GOP is perceived as all those things because it is at its very core all those things.

  • Great article! Rebranding is definitely needed. They will also need to use social media as one of their key news outlets. Besides Fox, the other stations will not report the news that does not support their candidate. A grass roots social media campaign could go a long way with the right brand.

  • Interesting read. Not sure it's about rebranding, though. 

    A nice term, but the core beliefs and values of a political party can't just be prettied up and then, voila, new product.

    Values and beliefs resonate with people and the party isn't staying current. There's a growing sentiment among many people that embraces positivity and acceptance. Until leaders latch on to that no amount of PR or rebranding is going to work. This "us vs them" mentality just isn't going to solve anything.

    To be clear, I think the Democratic party is just as guilty of misleading the public as the Republicans which makes me equally wary of them.

    Oftentimes, it appears we live in a complex world (and it is) but in reality a few simple concepts like compassion, kindness and generosity would solve a lot of our pressing issues. Sounds idealistic and hippie-dippy but it happens to be true.

    Thanks for the share +Guy Kawasaki

  • Romney campaign had alot of experimental human networking projects it wasnt able to get off the ground. It's a peoples party, most of the usa is red by county state and local, too.

  • The problem is that the "conservative" ethic is just that – conservative. Today's economic, political, and moral trends demand a progressive mindset in order to be successful. We are rapidly changing the way we interact with the environment, our machines, and each other in ways that a conservative approach just cannot support. Whatever their politics, the Millennial generation can connect with the Democratic Party far more easily than they can with the GOP simply because they speak the same language.

    tl;dr: the GOP needs to stop looking to the past for their philosophical inspiration.

  • Hilarious! 🙂

  • Replacing a tarnished brand is pointless if you don't fix the problems that have led to the brand being tarnished.

  • groom a handsome exotic looking bi lingual canidate and run….the end.  BEWARE the ideas of MACRO RUBYSLOW

  • The only thing the Opportunity for All message will do is highlight the hypocritical nature of the GOP. Because all never seems to include minorities, women, or homosexuals. Neither Atheists, muslims, or any non christian.

    The best rebranding they can do is drop all their social positions, lighten up on the tea party influenced rhetoric of our country being destroyed by democrats and come up with candidates that know how to compromise.

    And really Abraham Lincoln on a logo would be disrespectful. No way that man would be a Republican the way the party is in 2013.

  • +Erick G. Ovando didn't you get the memo? 'Opportunity for All' is specifically designated for white, christian, married men.

  • You must drop the white and replace it with Rich  and insert Americans after the word All. When Columbus came to the Americas it was filled with beings who shared everything and owned nothing. Now a childs stomach swells from emptyness so i may own another trendy piece of clothing for my dog.

  • Rebranding is how you turn horsecrap into fertilizer for your daffodils.

  • The cry for rebranding came out almost same day when Rob McKenna (R) lost the Washington State governor's race in '12.  I thought "oh no, he (they) think they can paper over their most serious issues and pretend they aren't there.  Worse yet, they expect it to work on the public – will it?"