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How to remain positive when negative attitudes fly online


Being positive has proven to improve your health, strengthen relationships with people and let’s face, it make each day better. While positive people attract other positive people, they can also attract a few negative moths to the flame. The trick is to not let these people suck the happy from your personal bubble.

Quick tips on how to handle the situation when negative people pop up:

1. Don’t engage in name calling or try to one-up nasty comments. You don’t need that on your permanent social record.

2. Deflect with humor if possible.

3. Ask them to stop.

4. Block them if they are inappropriate or cross the line.

5. Ignore them

You have the power to make your day what you want it to be by actively making the decision to choose positivity over negativity. Be proactive in your social choices and your social relationships can boost your positivity and bring meaning to all that you’re doing. Make the decision boost your positive environment and be aware of the pitfalls, you’ve got this!

How do you handle it when you see these types of behaviors?

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