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How to speak investors’ language


Blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and all other forms of online communiciations can get you into serious trouble at work if you’re not careful. Crack one wrong joke and, bam! you’re fired. But life without humor is boring. If you have trouble treading the line, then take a look at this Social Media Smartblogs post, which offers advice on how to be funny, but stay safe. For example:

Skewer someone else, especially someone in power. Tell a joke about your boss, and you’ll score a laugh. We always like to hear people in power getting zinged. Not only is it unexpected, but it’s also daring, almost like when we heard a dirty word when we were kids, or see it on book titles about social media . . . (There’s surprise again.) Just don’t make fun of your boss on a regular basis. One light zinger once a year is enough to keep you and your job safe. Any more than that, and you’re on your own. But tell a joke about someone “below you” in status, and you’ll come off as a bully. People don’t like it when you tell a joke about someone who doesn’t have any power. The CEO who makes a joke about the PR coordinator having to work a second job because she doesn’t earn enough will lose all respect from his employees.The best joke to tell is the one about yourself. Self-deprecating humor is always safe, especially during a speech, because as the speaker, you’re “in power.”

Full story at Smartblogs on Social Media.

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