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How to test your memory


Have you ever walked out of a mall and completely forgotten where you parked? Gone to the store and not been able to remember what you went there to buy? Walked into a room and forgot why you were there? “Lost” a key word while telling a joke?

Of course, while most of us experience everyday forgetting quite often, a few people have a true organic problem with memory that is not normal. How do you tell the difference between “normal” forgetting and a more serious problem with memory? Take a test to determine the state of your memory.

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  • Frank Woodman Jr

    I’ve been going to do this but I keep forgetting to get it done!! 🙂 But all kidding aside it’s always wise to watch and pay attention to how your memory is holding up. It’s much easier to handle organic causes of memory loss or memory loss caused by dementia before it becomes severe. So don’t "forget" to pay attention to those little signs that can spell oncoming trouble.