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How to use a Hackathon to find employees


Hackathons––whether true Hackathons or just startup events––are great ways to find employees. Unless, of course, you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t go in unprepared. Entrepreneur offers some great tips to make sure you use these Hackathons to the max. Here’s one tip:

Don’t be a digital wallflower.
Once you’re at the event, use the time to get a feel for which people you’ll be most comfortable with. Only speak at length with developers willing to explain what they do in detail. Remember, they are coding right there before your eyes. If they can’t explain how they are engineering a problem — literally command by command — then they are probably not worth the time.

Once you think you’ve found a match, be ready to explain your idea. That’s the moment to pitch your “next big thing.” In doing so, present yourself as who you are — the well-prepared entrepreneur. Don’t overstate your computer acumen.

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