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How to watch tomorrow’s live jump from the stratosphere [video]


Traveling to space is the dream of many young person, but jumping from it? Well, that’s another story entirely, but one that will be told live tomorrow morning on YouTube as Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team push the envelope of human endurance to the very edge of space.

According to the website:

Red Bull Stratos…will attempt to transcend human limits that have existed for 50 years. Supported by a team of experts Felix Baumgartner plans to ascend to 120,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and make a freefall jump rushing toward earth at supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground. His attempt to dare atmospheric limits holds the potential to provide valuable medical and scientific research data for future pioneers.

As we write this, the forty-three-year-old Australian is supposed to be getting some shut-eye, but even he admitted that could be a tough task with such a risky endeavor at hand:

“I’ll probably feel the most anxious when I’m trying to sleep in the hours before I start getting ready – when everything’s quiet and it’s just me and my thoughts.”

Well, we hope he’s out for the night and having sweet dreams while you’re checking out the video below for more information, but be sure to watch here tomorrow morning when the event is broadcast live.

Full story at Red Bull Stratos.

It’s a long way down.

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