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How to win the Instagram marketing game

The social media platform where savvy marketers are making a splash is Instagram, though many companies haven’t yet plumbed its full potential.

If your marketing goal this year is to conquer this valuable online real estate, read on for valuable tips on how to make it happen from Canva Design School’s Ritika Tiwari.

01. Create an Emotional Connection

If you’ve ever used Instagram, you might already know how many dogs have their own accounts.

Barkbox used this to their advantage, connecting with several dog owners on Instagram, sending them Barkbox, and asking them to post cute dog pictures with it.

Today, Barkbox has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and adds 32,000 new followers every month, thanks to their emotion-rich take on influencer marketing.


02. Invite Influencers for an Instagram Takeover

Birchbox, which is a beauty subscription box, took a different route than Barkbox. They asked beauty bloggers and influencers to take over their account for a day in an epic Instagram Takeover.

Basically, in an Instagram takeover, brands give their account control to an influencer for a specific time period. The influencer creates content around a specific theme that the brand focuses on and lets her or his followers know that they will be doing this Instagram takeover. As a result, the brand gains the attention of the influencer’s followers…

Full story at Canva Design School.

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