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How to write a killer headline and make your post shine

“Attractive headlines are enough to make your readers open and check your content. So DON’T MISS this opportunity.

Hook your readers with your headlines.

Remember: Most readers will see your headline in a feed reader, email, on social media, or in a link on another blog. In all of these cases, if the headline doesn’t hook them, they won’t read the post.

But how to write an attractive headline?”

1. Start with a how to
2. Shrink it
3. Summarize the post in the headline
4. Make your readers curious

Spend extra time on your headline to make your content worth a click or a share.

Full article at Kikolani http://kikolani.com/how-to-write-a-killer-headline-and-make-your-post-shine.html

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  • I agree with this, in particular that a headline can make or break the deal with the reader to get started. Having said that, I think it's possible to go too far. A headline smelling too much of clickbait may put readers off, especially if you haven't established trust with them yet. I guess it comes down to knowing your audience.

  • +George Cohn I answered this post and it disappeared. What's up with that?
    Take 2: I agree that you need to deliver the promise that you make in the headline. Linkbait is not smart since there are so many blogs and choices for people to click on. Getting the trust of a reader is really important and so much important than one click from someone who is looking for something else.
    Nice chatting with you on the HOA today. 🙂

  • It's funny how sensitive/angry I've gotten about clickbait headlines. I stopped visiting some sites like the Huffington Post and I will not click if I feel I'm being baited.

  • +Jane Peppler I think it was Gizmodo that people got angry with recently with a clickbait headline. It really shows you the intent of the writer or blog if they are more concerned with the empty click/pageview than the integrity of the article.

  • +Jane Peppler for me Yahoo is the worst, it's almost embarrassing. And I have to go there every day because some professional forums I use are on Yahoo Groups.

  • I read somewhere, think like newspapers. They are the best inspiration on writing 'catchy' headlines.

  • I've learned in writing both news copy and song lyrics: boil it down and concentrate the message to make it interesting

  • This totally worked for me — you hooked me with your "how to", +Peg Fitzpatrick !

  • Thanks. Very helpful for my blogs.

  • Can blog headlines be vague as long as they're catchy? For instance, "Accept, Don't Expect" and "It Ain't Yer Guitar, It's How You Rock It."

  • +Ted Penberthy You may be able to pull off a vague headline, I guess the article would just have to deliver the goods. 🙂

    +Rachelle Doorley 😀

  • Ms. Peg. Good article, except for the last tip of cheating headline. I believe that if One can not think originally for headlines, then better keep it blank or with a simple subject. The headlines were originally someone else ideas , isnt it? Just giving an opinion. You are right. Making readers curious will make them come back to you regularly.

  • Lets try it!

  • Thanks for sharing this post Peg! The author will be thrilled. 🙂

  • On my Android phone, only four words of a google plus headline appear with the picture, and if I turn the phone the long easy there's only the picture and the poster's name and no headline at all. Crazy, why so much picture and so few words, google+ ? I'm thinking one needs to have the headline IN the picture?

  • +Jane Peppler That's a fantastic point. I have put the headline in the photo before.

  • +Ted Penberthy the thing to remember is that with blogs the majority of people you may want to see your headlines won't see them in the context of the rest of your blog. And unlike Chinese restaurants, most people won't take time to crack open the fortune cookie just to see what it says inside.

  • +Eric Lauritzen Such a perfect metaphor!! "unlike Chinese restaurants, most people won't take time to crack open the fortune cookie just to see what it says inside." I may quote you on that in my blog. 🙂

  • +Peg Fitzpatrick I would be honored! Thanks Peg.