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How to write great how-to posts

How To Words on Dry Erase Board Instructions

On the surface, writing a good instructional piece might sound pretty easy, but if you’ve read more than a few poorly written posts after combing the web for advice, you know not everyone’s got the knack.

Darren Rowse has ten years of experience instructing others and would like to offer these seven nuggets of advice on the art of teaching through blog posts.

1. Start with a Problem

Perhaps the best advice I can give on writing effective ‘how to’ posts on a blog is to put some time aside to identifying the problems that your readers have because the most effective how to posts are written about actual challenges that your readers might face…

2. Break it Down

With a problem or challenge that you want to solve for readers identified now is the time to break down the process for solving that issue.

With a problem in mind I generally take a little time before I start writing to come up with a list of steps to overcome the problem. I personally do this usually but jotting down some bullet points in a notepad (retro of me I know) or in a text document on my computer).

If the problem I’m writing about is more complex I also occasionally will break down the process for solving it using a MindMap (I useMindNode either on my iPad or computer).

I find by identifying what I want to write about before I start writing that I’m much more effective in writing the post because I know where I’m headed!

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How to write a how-to.

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  • Hmmm. Great idea, I never thought of using mindmap to break down the process. I will certainly try it!