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How well do you know Harry Potter? Quick quiz


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Harry Potter.

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  • Need my daughter to take this!  +Rachel Anderson

  • LOL. Came in good time. Just read book 1 again today.

  • Despite owning a rare version of some book that is mentioned in the books (or movies) I've never read any of the books myself and have only seen two possibly three of the movies

  • 7 out of 10….not bad, not brilliant either….

  • +Mathew Tyler I've only read the first book myself but I live in a house FULL of fans.

  • 8/10  not too bad considering I read the books when they first came out …

  • +Peg Fitzpatrick A similar version to the book I was referring to can be found @ http://j.mp/10qDEEZ .

    I believe this is only a similar version of mine as at the time I purchased it from Amazon (for a price that was far, far less [I believe approx $75-90]) it was among the few that the author had allegedly signed that was shipped in a custom themed Harry Potter Amazon box (viewable @ http://j.mp/YWxyBZ ).

    To clarify I said that the author had "…allegedly signed" as I don't know if my copy of the book has been signed as I've never opened it. Additionally neither of the items in the links are mine as mine isn't for sale

  • +Mathew Tyler Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • It does seem very cool to me too +Peg Fitzpatrick

  • 8/10 , wrong answers to:
    How many kids does Harry Have?
    How many different teachers of the dark arts have there been in the time that Harry has gone to hogwarts?

  • Thanks +Peg Fitzpatrick

    That was fun. I just tried this with my missus at the breakfast table & we got 9 out of 10…The dark art teacher question got us too.