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Huge Doberman plays with baby; baby just laughs [video]

Many people are too afraid to mix a huge Doberman with a teeny, tiny baby. But this video shows that a big, mean dog and a cute baby can mix well.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Very cute but this video is not new and the freakin” adorable baby is probably is school by now.

  • Dobemom

    OK, so when this poor dog accidently bites this child it will be the idiot parents fault for sitting back and watching this without doing anything…let’s just hope the poor dog does not lose it’s life due to this irresponsible behavior of it’s owners!!!!!!!

  • E Holis

    Boy for have a dog and a baby, that is the cleanest carpet I have ever seen, Props!!

  • Ava

    I’m with E Holis. My carpet is destroyed with my dog and toddler!

  • DobieMom

    This is a very old video, but that notwithstanding, I take strong exception to the generalized and misplaced stereotype that Doberman Pinschers are “big, mean” dogs. I know the breed well, having had more than 10 Dobies in my adult life with my family and now, my grandchildren. They are brilliant, loyal dogs as are many other breeds. To continue to spread this type of misconception is, at best, misleading and, at the worst, nothing short of cruelty to the reputation of the breed and to the fears of the unsuspecting and uneducated people.

  • Oh, my Gawd! All was cute til the IDIOT BREEDING MACHINE sez, “GO GET HER, LILLY!!!!!!!!”

    To a dog that means LUNCH.

    You idiot tart.

  • If you noticed, the Dobi was being commanded all the time, he always looks in one to two locations. Dobi’s are very obedient if well trained and also have a puppy side to them. They can also think for themselves as well, and are very family oriented as long as they are trained right.

  • Mickey

    It’s all fun and games until someone attacks.

  • KG

    Looks like everyone is having fun, cute baby and good looking dog. Just curious as to how often they ZAP the dog with that SHOCK COLLAR its wearing ???

    • E Holis

      It could be for an e-fence.

  • To all the idiots who think this dog would attack the kid…the Dog was in PLAY MODE. If you have a dog you would know this. Dobys, GS, and Rotties love to play like this, and I guarantee that this dog would defend that baby with its life.

  • My huge male dobie Mucho Murula was like this during all of his 15 years of life. He could not understand why people were afraid of him. His mother as well as his brothers and sisters were always as gentle and loving too which proves to me it totally depends on the owners and the way these dogs are treated, not the breed. I have seen dobies belonging to friends just the same and I was very frightened of them before, due to their reputation.

  • What people do not understand is that squealing babies frustrated animals. The dog does look frustrated and does not know what to make of the kid.

  • The parents of this child are irresponsible. I can’t stand pictures of small children playing with with big dogs. Just one mistake could result in a child being killed by a dog. There is nothing cute about it.

  • TL

    Yes this video is super old, but after watching it a second time…just as I said the first time…it’s all fun and games until that dang Doberman snaps from something inside it’s tiny brain and chews that baby to shreds. Retarded! It should really be against the law to have common citizens be allowed to have bully breeds.

  • that Doberman is a beautiful playfull dog…

  • not available

    Cute baby, even cuter giant shock collar on the dog… Why is that not considered animal cruelty?

  • This video is cute! But I hope this dog is well trained! I’m scared of dogs, large dogs especially! My dog bit me when I was a child! Since that time I have tried to stay away from the big dogs. I hope that this dog is well-bred. But If I were in these parent’s place I’d rather keep the child away from the dog!