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Husky employs passive resistance to avoid leaving park

This dog desperately wants to stay out on his playtime in the park. Take a look at how it tries to stay in the park: using passive resistance.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • YouDisgustMe

    I have a husky and dragging it along the ground half choking it with its collar and potentially hurting it on the concrete is not funny at all it is plain frigging ignorant – you should be ashamed of yourself

    How about we put a collar around your neck, lay you on the concrete and drag you 30 feet and see how funny you find that.

    Idiot. You do not deserve that beautiful dog you deserve a giant fine for your cruelty.

  • Kathy

    He had on a harness, which looks liked it his right front leg had slipped out of. but I agree, dragging your dog is not what he should be doing.

  • Kelda

    What a jerk this guy is. Does he really think this is funny? Take the dog away from him!

  • Kathy

    Totally Agree with the other comments.

  • Kinu

    Don’t be mean to a responsible dog owner

  • I think it’s hilarious!!! And yes, I’m a responsible dog owner who has 2 dogs with personalities. This dog knows just what it’s doing. And dragging it slowly on the concrete isn’t going to hurt it. Did any of you cry-babies notice how the dog perked right up and got up as soon as the owner turned around to head back to the dog park? But then laid down again when the guy turned back to the apartment. Funny!!!