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Ice cream moon beats green cheese any day


Picture a beautiful moon as the backdrop for Santa’s famous Christmas Eve ride and the idea of this unique Haagen Dazs holiday cake designed by Doshi Levien suddenly seems perfect to add that touch of whimsy to your festivities this year (and an excellent alternative to fruitcake.)

As for the creators’ inspiration, they explained on their Facebook page,

We imagined the shape and texture of an ice cream scoop being like the moon as in a famous childhood Bollywood song. We were reminded of the stop frame movie Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès. We were inspired by Armenian surrealist Léon Tutundjian’s relief work of 1929. We found some early examples of the ‘Bombes’ ice-cream that are near spherical. The moon idea came from many different places and has elements of fantasy, adventure, imagination, it makes us dream and it’s delicious.

Much better than a moon made of green cheese, though we wouldn’t say no to a festive cheese ball right about now.

Full story at Doshi Levien @ Facebook via Foodbeast.

Delicious design.

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