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If the sharks don’t get you, you really don’t want to know what will [video]


Have a weak stomach? Just ate? Trust us, skip this one.

Still here? Well, then, let’s get started.

If our society wasn’t obsessed with the gritty details of forensic science, then prime-time lineups wouldn’t be packed with dead bodies and the scientists determined to find out how they got that way, so for all you lovers of the darker side of the test tube, the Venus Cabled Ocean Observatory has posted a fascinating, if somewhat stomach-turning, video of how human decomposition in the ocean is studied using pigs.

Of course, if you throw a dead piggy in the ocean, a smart shark is going be on that thing faster than you can say “Bacon!” so it was necessary to put the pig in a cage to observe the process.

Let’s just say, we’ll take the shark any day.

Full story at VENUS Cabled Ocean Observatory @ YouTube.

All in the name of science.

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