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If the world’s population lived like… [chart]

Between concerns about the planet’s booming population and the crunch of resources that has always been under way in some places, it’s an excellent time to take a look at just how much space seven billion people would need based on the average lifestyles of different countries.

…With a little help from the National Footprint Account from the Global Footprint Network, [Tim] de Chant [of Per Square Mile] was able to show how much space we’d need if the entire world’s population consumed resources in the manner of Bangladesh, India, Uganda, China, Costa Rica, Nepal, France, the U.S.A., and the United Arab Emirates. The graphic compares those countries’ terrestrial sub-footprints, taking into account components like land use, carbon footprint, urbanization, fishing grounds, and more.

Perhaps the silver lining in the comparison, though, is that while we often regret the possibility of not surpassing our parents’ standard of living, in the end, that could be the far wiser move.

Full story at Fast Company via Breakfast Links.

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