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IKEA introduces MÄNLAND


Once the kibosh has been put on the sheets that are sure to make it feel like you’re sleeping in an optical illusion, plenty of men out there likely think their time at IKEA is done for the year, but the Swedish chain has decided to make the shopping experience more appealing to the male gender by offering up a men’s-only play space.

Xbox consoles, free hotdogs and sports broadcasts provide the reluctant male a respite from the shopping labyrinth that is IKEA, but no chance for wives to sneak off to other stores leaving the menfolk behind; partners are issued buzzers that go off thirty minutes after a man is dropped off to remind them to pick up their charges (presumably before any major purchases are made).

While the idea smacks of sexism, it wouldn’t hurt for certain ballparks in the country who have the pleasure of hosting the team with the most consecutive losing seasons to offer up mani-pedi’s as a thank you for not running the team out of town. Just saying…

Full story at News.com.au via Neatorama.

Making shopping fun.

Photo credit: Charles Brewer

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  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh, finally!!! Respite for Male Shoppers!