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Indiana drops cursive for keyboards


The Hoosier State has sent cursive writing to follow the path of its buddy calligraphy into history, joining a number of other states that have dropped the writing form.

Legislators decided time in the classroom would be better spent learning the keyboarding skills necessary to compete in the computer age than perfect penmanship skills only used in thank you notes to Grandma.

Start brushing up those resumes, former typing teachers; you’re back in demand!

Full story at Slate.com.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, a signature is a signature regardless of how it’s "signed". But a cursive signature is harder to duplicate.

    Also, after time, no one’s signature is written in 100% proper cursive form — it’s an evolution (and most likely more illegible) that makes the signature even more unique and harder to duplicate. See NYT article, "The Case for Cursive" http://nyti.ms/qrJrPi

    I know there’s much debate about this but that’s my take on it.

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