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Innovative idea turns post offices into food depots

The U.S. Postal Service has seen hard times in recent years, thanks to the rise of private competitors and electronic communication options, yet they remain in every corner of the nation and could be turned into relief for many hungry people.

Many organizations are already attempting to address the issue of food insecurity across the nation, but a project proposed by Washington University students for the Urban SOS competition seeks to bring them together using the USPS’ extensive network and empty spaces to serve more people than ever before.

As explained at Smithsonian Magazine:

In the First Class Meal proposal, USPS would connect interested organizations. Postal drivers out on their normal routes would pick up donations of food from groups that collect them, deliver to food banks or pantries, and store food in post offices with excess capacity. The existing USPS app would direct drivers to where donations are waiting, just like a customer might use the app to schedule a package pickup today.

Here’s a look at how they could be incorporated into a larger network that brings the sharing economy to those who need it most:

P.O. boxes full of potatoes sounds good to us.

Full story at Smithsonian Magazine.

Addressing food insecurity.

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