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Irresistible abandoned mansions


There is no better setting for a tale of horror than a neglected manse that some poor innocent has found themselves in unless it’s a dark forest, so this collection of abandoned dwellings from around the globe from Urban Ghosts is ripe for the right writer’s imagination or daring guerilla tourister.

Cambusnethan Priory, Scotland (above)

Built in 1820 for the Lockhart family of Castlehill, Cambusnethan Priory is one of the few remaining examples of gothic revival architecture in Scotland. The house was converted into a hotel in 1980, but this change of use was short-lived. The hotel closed in 1984, leaving it to the mercy of a nasty cocktail comprising time, arson, vandalism and a liberal helping of inclement Scottish weather. Awarded both Grade A listed status for its historic importance, and a well earned place on the Scottish Civic Trust Buildings at Risk Register, Cambusnethan Priory is in terrible condition today and urgently in need of some TLC.


Shandon House, Scotland

Remaining in bonnie Scotland, we stumble across this spooky – and very derelict – example of Scottish Baronial architecture. The pointed towers are distinctive of 19th century Scottish revival, and you get the impression the Wicked Witch of the West may have rented this place had she ever decided to visit chilly Caledonia. Shandon House was built for William Jamieson in 1849 and is set in 31 acres overlooking Gare Loch. This once picturesque setting is now dominated by Faslane Naval Base, home of the UK’s Trident nuclear submarines…

Full story at Urban Ghosts via Scribol.

And it all comes tumbling down.

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